Direct to Retail 20"x 8" Premium Lustre Photo Prints
Florida and Tropical Themed
Box of 100 - Select Images Shown Below.  Also, each images is printed with a ONE INCH white border, not shown in the on-line gallery.  Each images comes in its own plastic wrap bag and is ready for retail sale with your price tag.
  • Wholesale Cost of ONE BOX of 100 Images => $750
  • Recommended Retail Sale Price per Unit => $19.99-$24.99
  • Each Box Generates Retail Sales of $2000-$2500, or an ROI of 266% to 333%.
  • High Margin, Low Ticket Easy Retail Purchase, Perfect in this Market.
  • Each $750 Box EARNS YOU BACK => $1250+ in PROFIT.

Compare online pricing for similar but more generic items, Amazon, Target, and other Big box Stores, sell this style at $29-$39, or more.
Each image is a gallery style photo print suitable for framing, they come on heavy 10 mil 260 gsm, lustre photopaper, in a cinema style perspective, 20" x 8", with a one inch white border, brightness 97.  These prints are SUPERIOR in weight and appearance to sign prints, poly vinyl prints, lightweight non photo paper card stock.  They look great, have eye catching colors, by using ultra premium inks, are vibrant and there are many images that have a local more customized feel, that is harder to find, especially shopping on-line. These are sure to look great in your store enhancing your customer experience, and giving your customer something they can't find elsewhere or online and at a great value.
Each print features a custom edited, original composition shot by Neon Vine Photography, that cannot be purchased anywhere else in this format.  By using the most cutting edge cameras, lenses, and advanced technique, these images files contain amazing detail and by using our own large format printers, we can control a tightly run process from start to finish, enabling us to bring a very high quality product to your shop direct without middleman markup.
In order to ensure a consistent high quality result, we use 4K separately calibrated monitors and a robust video card to power it all. By using a color managed workflow, using monitor calibration, up to date print and paper profiles, ICC profiles, high-bit/high dpi files, and an ultra wide gamut color space.  All this plus careful attention to detail, allow us to offer consistent and accurate high quality results.
A tremendously great value that allows you to have plenty of room for your store to profit while still presenting a highly competitively priced product that creates value for your customers. These prints are very similar to gallery ready prints, yet for for much less money.
Wholesale to Retail Gallery, These Images come in boxes of quantity 100. To order email [email protected] or call. To make custom selections of photo's, click select photo's, and create a favorites collection, then click to share it with me.
*Please again NOTE => These print with a ONE INCH WHITE Border*